If you are an adventure sports lover and are looking for an unparalleled experience, you’ll love canyoneering. Natural slides, waterfalls... Join us for a unique canyoning experience!

· Canyoning is one of the most entertaining and exciting activities offered by Pallars Sobirà.

· This activity consists of descending canyons swimming, jumping, sliding and abseiling (descent using a rope and harness).

· We will make different suggestions of canyons to descent according to level of difficulty and your preferences between jumping to ponds, abseiling cascades and walls, swimming or sliding natural slides.

(available mornings 9.00 h and afternoons 15.00 h)

Ravine Sant Pere
* To book other canyons contact our offices
Ravine Berròs

(available mornings 9.00 h and afternoons 15.00 h)

* To book other canyons contact our offices
Les Espones
Viu de llevata

More information on canyoning in Catalonia

If you have any doubts concerning our services and activities of descending canyons, you can send us your questions and queries through the form below in order to enjoy the best possible experience in complete safety.

Conditions for canyoning tours:

Here are seven conditions for our canyoning tours, so that you can enjoy the experience in complete safety.

  • The canyoning tour can be booked for any day of the of week. Check availability of specific dates from Rafting Catalunya.
  • The canyoning tours are subject to weather conditions.
  • The price of the tour is per person, including VAT and liability and sports accident insurance.
  • It is essential to know how to swim.
  • All the gear needed to make the experience safe will be provided by Rafting Catalunya. The only thing you need to remember to bring with you is a swimming suit, towel and sports shoes (the older the better, you will be walking and swimming in them in the canyon).
  • Rafting Catalunya has facilities where you can wash, shower and change.
  • The price of the activity does NOT include the transport to the canyon (check with Rafting Catalunya how to get to there).
  • We offer both the initiation level and levels for the more adventurous and professional.
  • What is canyoning?

    Canyoning is an adventure sport practiced outdoors that consists of the progression through canyons or ravines, torrent beds or mountain rivers. Either on foot and / or swimming, making use of the various techniques of the sport or by rope progression techniques commonly used in caving, specifically in the abseiling.

    Features of canyoning

    The relief and the local and regional climatic and geological conditions determine a great variety of routes that allow the practice of canyoning.

    There are canyons of all levels. For starters, there are initiation canyons, aquatic and with rappels. On the other hand, if it is not the first time, you can try medium difficulty canyons or high difficulty canyons for thrill seekers.

    During the descent, you have to avoid rocks, cross gorges, cross waterfalls, swim to overcome the movements of the water, dive to pass siphons, slide down slides, etc.

    During the descent, you have to avoid rocks, cross gorges, cross waterfalls, swim to overcome the movements of the water, dive to pass siphons, slide down slides, etc.

    Here the athlete will have the great opportunity to enjoy nature and practice hiking at the same time, without forgetting that he is still practicing a high-risk sport.

    Most canyoning sites are often equipped with permanent artificial anchors to compensate for the lack of adequate natural anchorage.

    Equipment and equipment for canyoneering

    The equipment includes individual material and collective material. The personal equipment includes at least a wetsuit, helmet, canyoning shoes and canyoning harness with two safety ropes and a descender.

    The collective equipment consists essentially of ropes, progression materials. Also, safety and rescue equipment material are always shared in the group and transported with waterproof bags.

    Why do canyoning with us

    Canyoning is one of the most fun and exciting activities that Pallars Sobirà offers. If you are a lover of adventure sports and want an unparalleled experience, canyoning is an activity that will fascinate you.

    We take care of everything so you can focus on enjoying a unique and unrepeatable experience in the hands of the best guides and specialists in the sector.

    In short, canyoning makes us feel like great discoverers, in addition to enjoying a great discharge of emotions caused by overcoming the challenges we face. Get closer to nature and enjoy a day with family, friends or your company!


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