Rafting in Llavorsí-Sort Baro-Collegats

Experience a white-water rafting adventure on the river Noguera Pallaresa with your friends or family. Don’t hesitate to join for a fun and exciting group activity!

· Explore the river Noguera Pallaresa rafting the white water.

· You will cruise the rapids in a raft in the company of an experienced and professional guide.

· Your safety is the priority. And so is your enjoyment.

Rafting Llavorsí – Sort: 18km – Mornings - 10:00h

Rafting adult
45 €/person
Rafting youth
(ages 10-17)
45 €/person

Rafting Baro – Figuereta: 22km – Afternoons - 15:15h

Rafting adult
45 €/person
Rafting children and youth
(Ages 4 -17)
35 €/person

More information on rafting in Llavorsí and Sort

If you have any doubts concerning our services and rafting activities, contact our professionals with any queries by filling the contact form below so that we can offer you personalized service for each of our activities.

Conditions of rafting tours

So that you can enjoy rafting without worries and in complete safety, we will explain below what is rafting, when rafting tours are provided, the duration of the activity and all the gear needed to make the experience safe. If you have any other doubts, we are here for you.

  • The rafting season 2019 begins May 15th and finishes October 15th.
  • Rafting tours can be booked for any date during the season, from Monday to Sunday.
  • Rafting is twice as much fun when it’s raining (you’re welcome to try it).
  • The duration of the activity is approximately 3 hours.
  • The price is per person, including VAT and liability and sports accident insurance.
  • It is absolutely necessary to be able to swim.
  • All the gear needed to make the rafting experience safe and comfortable is provided by Rafting Catalunya.
  • Rafting Catalunya has facilities where you can change, wash and shower.
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    Llavorsí – Sort: 18km

    MORNINGS (10.00h)

    Baro – Figuereta: 22km

    AFTERNOONS (15.15h)

    What is whitewater Rafting?

    Rafting is a sport and recreational activity that consists of descending whitewater rivers using an inflatable boat. In it, between 8 and 10 people can embark. The crew members carry a short paddle with a single blade, with which, following the instructions of the monitor, direct the boat, overcoming the obstacles that the river presents.

    It is a discipline that involves the use of a single paddle.

    It is a discipline that is part of canoeing and that in recent years has become the reference of adventure tourism.

    Main characteristics of rafting

    One of the particularities of rafting is that it is practiced in rough waters, that is why it is necessary that the water courses must have a certain difficulty to be practiced.

    The crew sits half on one side of the boat and half on the other, ensuring that the balance and stability of the boat is guaranteed.

    It is an activity adapted to all audiences, with agitated routes for lovers of extreme sensations.

    Rafting is ideal to share with family or friends in which you will enjoy natural areas and contact with water in a fun way.

    Why rafting is the perfect sport for adventurers

    Rafting is a sport that mixes adventure, risk, excitement and adrenaline. That is why, doing adventure sports in nature and having direct contact with natural spaces brings benefits to our physical and mental condition, and helps to curb the stress that we accumulate.

    Also, there are rafting competitions for the more daring where the goal is to travel, in the shortest possible time and without penalties, a circuit of whitewater through gates and correlative forced passage as a slalom.

    Since it is specifically an extreme sport, we must be cautious in all possible aspects.

    What to keep in mind when doing rafting


    Rafting in Pallars Sobirà is a sport of action and adrenaline release. The Noguera Pallaresa river provides us, a torrential flow ideal for the practice of this sport.

    Rafting is done with all the necessary safety measures. It is important to know how to swim and be attentive to the explanations of our guides. It should be remembered that it is not necessary neither previous knowledge, nor a special fitness.

    To practice it, in addition to the dinghy and paddles, it is necessary to use a suitable helmet, a life jacket, booties and a wetsuit to protect you from the cold and bumps.

    Frequent questions about Rafting

    Where do we carry out our activities?

    To carry out the rafting, we have two circuits, one that goes from Llavorsí to Sort, and another from Baró to Figuereta.

    Is rafting suitable for minors?

    Yes, we have two different groups, one that can assist children from 4 years old, and another from 8 years old.

    How long is the activity?

    The duration of the canyoning is approximately 3 hours, and we have activities in the morning and afternoon.

    Book online

    Llavorsí – Sort: 18km

    MORNINGS (10.00h)

    Baro – Figuereta: 22km

    AFTERNOONS (15.15h)
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