Family canyoning

Canyoning, is a little-known but increasingly popular water sport in Spain. This activity consists of exploring the ravines and gorges by walking, climbing, abseiling and swimming through them. Canyoning is a fascinating sport that combines several activities. In addition, it is a practice that can generate a lot of adrenaline, since you often have to jump into the water of up to 10 m. But it is not an exclusive sport for adults, children can also enjoy it. All you need is good physical condition, a little courage and a desire to explore fascinating unspoiled places.

More information about Family Canyoning

If you have any questions about how our services and activities related to canyoning work, through this contact form, you can ask all kinds of questions and issues so that you can enjoy the best experience in complete safety.

What to expect from a canyoning excursion with children in Catalonia?

We do the excursion daily, being able to choose between two schedules, at 9:00 or at 15:00. Upon arrival, your guide will provide you with all the necessary equipment for your size and will show you how to put on your wetsuit, shoes, harness and helmet. Then, he will check that you have placed all the equipment correctly. After the security check, you will take a short walk to the starting point. Before descending the canyon for the first time, the guide will explain the safety rules and basic techniques. In the canyon, the guide will walk ahead of you in order to check the terrain and secure the ropes.

Canyoning with children

Family canyoning is a hilarious experience for children, young people and all those who are not afraid of high jumps. In this adventure you will descend together walking, swimming, jumping and sliding down wonderful natural slides. Impressive water attractions await you in the canyon, with jumps into pools of crystal clear water, slides in natural water tunnels, rappelling with a rope secured to the narrow walls and swimming in emerald green pools. . Our guide will take photos of you while you perform jumps and adopt adventurous postures. Canyoning with children is perfect to give all members of the family a different experience, immersed in nature.
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